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There is life BEYOND codependency.

  • Do you feel guilty or undeserving when you think about doing something for YOURSELF?
  • Do you feel your purpose in life is to rescue or save someone else... especially from themselves?
  • Do you live life from autopilot mode, so not to rock the boat?
  • Do you wait day after day for things to change when you really know they probably won't?

You're not alone. It's estimated that there are 624 million codependent people in the United States. I'm one! That's 3 people for every alcoholic, addict, shopaholic, over eater, and the list goes on. Codependents are spouses, children, family members, friends, coworkers, neighbors. Regular people!

What if you took all the energy you use trying to keep "them" safe from themselves and you applied that energy to yourself?

Awesome right?

Wouldn't be awesome to do the things you LOVE doing. Being the person you LOVE being.

Have you listened to YOUR inner wisdom, YOUR inner voice lately? What is it telling you? What dreams and goals have you been putting on hold to give your support elsewhere? When is it YOUR time?

I say it's NOW!

As a codependent myself, I know the obstacles and pitfalls that come with wearing that hat. I also know the joy that comes when you take off that hat and move BEYOND codependency and live YOUR best self. 

Helping others move BEYOND codependency is my life's purpose. Let me help you. Click the link below and schedule a free Discovery Session. This is YOUR first step to living life on YOUR terms. It's YOUR time!

Work with me to live YOUR life on YOUR own terms.

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On this 40-minute ZOOM Discovery Session you'll get a clear picture of what your life has been like "UP UNTIL NOW",  you'll discover what exactly is standing in the way of you creating the life you would LOVE living, we'll pinpoint the clear next steps that will move you in the direction of creating that life you would LOVE living. A life where you get to BE, DO and GIVE in ways you have only imagined.