At BEYOND Today Coaching, we are the nurturing guides for transitioning from codependency into a vision driven life.


You are worried.  If something happens to your "other", you will be unable to make decisions for yourself.

You feel scared, overwhelmed, indecisive, stuck in the reality of your life; not knowing what you like or dislike; what gives you meaning and purpose.

You are angry. You were born into a dysfunctional family and never learned the how to interact with people beyond trying to save, change, and rescue them.


Tracy says.... Our dysfunctional cohorts call us "normies" because to them we have have no problems. But deep down our codependency, what keeps us with them, does not feel anything like "normal" when I see my friend interact with her family and friends. She introduced me to Sylvia. Her signature training BEYOND Codependency: 4 Keys to Living Life On Your Own Terms will open your eyes to what codependency is, how people become codependent, and what can be done about it. Since watching I have gone on to work with Sylvia. I'm no longer afraid of what the future may bring. I continue to move into the vision I created for my life.


Use your life "Up Until NOW" to create a vision for your life.

Have the support needed to live into that vision to create your new "normal".

Attract the resources, connections, and ideal circumstances to move into your vision driven life.


BEYOND Codependency: 4 Keys to Living Life On Your Own Terms will open your eyes to how codependency has become "normal", and what can be accomplished by having this knowledge. 

Step 1 is to register and watch this FREE training.

Imagine having the knowledge you need to understand  your codependency. These are things you may not have been told in your support group.

Imagine putting the pieces of your life together life a puzzle so you can understand why you are the way you are.

Imagine igniting your desire for more from life.


You can live 90 years, or you can live 1 year 90 times. - Mary Morrissey

You decide!

If you stay until the end of this training, there is a special bonus for you. So please stick around 'till the end.

There are people in our lives who tug at our heart strings. Codependents do that to mine. Why? Because I am one!

That is why I made it my mission to reach as many codependents I can. I want you to know you can change your life from being defined by your conditions and circumstances. You can live a vision driven life where you be, do have and give the way you were meant to. 

Information is POWER! I invite you into an opportunity to learn about codependency, why it became your "normal", and what a vision driven life looks like by watching my signature training, BEYOND Codependency: 4 Keys to Living Life On Your Own Terms . It's FREE.

I believe in YOU!