In the wake of day to day chaos, incarceration, institutionalization or God forbid death of your addict, we believe YOU should be prepared ahead of time, to confidently continue YOUR life. We have the step-by-step system for YOU to gain that confidence, know yourself and live BEYOND codependency. 



You've always been what others wanted you to be. Their needs were your needs. You've always done what other wanted you to do. You use other's dreams and goals as your own. Outside of being codependent you have NO identity. 

Your children look to you for support and guidance. They're taking ques from YOU for the design of theirs lives. They're growing up codependent.

Not IF but WHEN your addict has a life changing event you'll be left picking up the pieces once more. Your life changing event will be that you now have no one to tell you what to do and no dreams and goals to look forward to. YOU NEED TO BE PREPARED.


  • Put away YOUR fears and know that you are STRONG and RESILIENT, and you CAN do this.

  • Identify YOUR dreams and goals. and take action to bring them forward.

  • Be confident in the steps you're taking.

  • Live the rest of your life being BEING, DOING, HAVING, AND GIVING what has meaning to YOU.

  • Eliminate the burden of guilt for needing more from life.


STEP - 1

Schedule Your BEYOND Today Discovery Session

STEP - 2

Identify YOUR dreams and goals and what would make you happy.

STEP - 3

Test YOUR dreams and goals. See if they are worthy of YOUR time, and resources.

STEP - 4

Bridge the gap between your life now and a life you LOVE living.

Tammy L. says... I have goals and dreams that are my very own because of Sylvia's step-by-step-system. I've always put other people before myself. She showed me what it was costing me to live that way. I'm able to make decisions for myself and I'm confident they are the right ones.

How We're Different

Have you ever tried something new only to figure out that it wasn't for you? We have!

That's why we have a BEYOND Today Discovery Session first. We get to have a one-on-one conversation to see if my step-by-step system will be of value to you. We get to see if we are compatible and are a good fit to work together. We'll see if you're truly ready for a change in your life.

My system is proven and reliable because it's been used by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. It's repeatable so you and your family can use it over and over in all 4 quadrants of your life: health, career, relationships and time money freedom.

Be . Do . Have . Give


12 Week Program

  • Identify Your Dream and Close The Gap
  • Both Physical and Digital Kit
  • Weekly Review and Q&A

24 Week Program

  • Everything From 12 Week Program
  • Plus
  • Work With the Laws of the Universe

1 Year Program

  • Everything From 24 Week Program
  • Plus
  • Solid Foundation of Transformation

What Clients Are Saying

I've picked up the pieces of my relationships so many times. Sylvia and her step-by-step system gave me the confidence I needed to look deep inside myself and figure out who I was beyond codependent. I have a vision for my life now and I'm working towards that vision. I recommend Sylvia and her system to everyone.

Sandy W.

I love our weekly lessons and calls. Sylvia has helped me figure out what my dreams and goals are. I always feel energized and ready to take on the world after we meet.

Stacey P.

Suffering from the burden of Self Imposed Guilt? Download my guide and watch my free training!