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Move BEYOND codependency and design a life you LOVE living.





You have a


And YOU...

  • Put on a disguise, so others won't see the pain you're in.

  • Sacrifice YOUR needs for other people's.

  • Spend day after day waiting for people or things to change.

  • Feel responsible for other people's problems and feelings.

  • Believe "them" instead of your inner wisdom, at the cost of your own sanity.

  • Have hit your emotional overload.

  • Keep attracting the same type of person over and over again.

Are you tired of and frustrated with your so called NORMAL life?

Do you wonder "who you are" and what your PURPOSE is beyond being the rescuer of others?

Do you have a burning desire for more from life?

I want you to live a life you DESERVE living. That's why I'm committed to giving you the tools, resources, and support I know work, to do just that.

My name is Sylvia, and I want to be YOUR life coach!

What People Are Saying

Sandy W.

I highly recommend Sylvia as a Life Coach. It was refreshing to know I could 1 - trust her with my anonymity and 2 - she understood what I was going through because she has gone through it herself. Sylvia and her programs took me from not knowing who I was or what I wanted, to seeing my potential and loving my life. 

Paula C.

Coaching with Sylvia allowed me to eliminate the guilt I usually feel when I try to do something just for me. It's all about deserving and I know that my Higher Power only wants joy, love, and happiness for me. I am pursuing my dream. I highly recommend Sylvia and her coaching programs.

Tammie L.

It was the best decision I ever made, to coach with Sylvia. She saw what I couldn't see - my paradigms, and we walked the slippery path together. I enrolled in the next program - gold. I want to keep the momentum going.

Julie P.

I was juggling two jobs, taking care of two small children and keeping my qualifier safe from himself. He couldn't keep a job because of his addiction. I was frazzled to say the least. I started working with Sylvia at the recommendation of a close friend. Working with Sylvia, I realized I was putting on everyone else's oxygen mask before I put on my own. My codependency was developed as a child and I wanted to break the cycle and not pass it down to my children and their future families. It was important to me that my children learned to find happiness from within themselves instead of settling for what you get. The best way to do that was to show them how to do it. My Life Now - I am a work in progress. I continue to work with Sylvia. I can't say enough good things about coaching style and the programs she offers. I'm applying the Laws of the Universe to my life and the lives of my children. My qualifier is in and out of sobriety. He may catch up to where we are in life, but we're OK if he doesn’t. Only he can make that choice for himself. LIFE is a choice.

Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today!

It's YOUR time!

Right now, you may be seeing and feeling a multitude of obstacles and pitfalls coming your way. 

There’s a part of you that wants to change and move forward. Yet there’s another part of you, me and all of us that really doesn’t want to see change, and wants to keep us right where we are.

These are called paradigms.

Treat your life with the respect it deserves. Because it matters! YOU matter! YOU'RE worth it. YOU are valuable. The life force that is breathing you, deserves some time and energy and some TLC, some of your attention.

I believe in YOU! Believe in my belief!

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