Instead of just surviving COVID-19, why not thrive in this "Dark Night" while it's going on and BEYOND?

We're not here to give you our experience, strength and hope. We have the step-by-step system for YOU to...

  • Take the Hero's Journey.

  • Depart from this "Dark Night" heroically.

  • Initiate parts of you, you never knew existed.

  • Return with personal power; developing greater abilities; and gaining higher wisdom.




The "Dark Night"

Navigating the tough terrain of COVID-19 is exhausting. It's your "Dark Night". You just want to leave, but if you do, it will only follow you.


The Hero's Journey

Others look to you to be their hero in times of crisis. You need to overcome this "Dark Night" instead of it overcoming you.


Harvesting The Good

Your ego can make up a victim story or you can frame the situation in an empowering way. The "Dark Night" is here to help you discover and deliver a greater version of you.


New Beginning

Turn your "Dark Night" experience into a new beginning. Learn how to use it for future circumstances.


  • Put away YOUR fears and know that you are STRONG and RESILIENT, and you CAN do this.

  • Identify YOUR dreams and goals, and take ACTION to bring them forward.

  • Be CONFIDENT in the steps you're taking.

  • Live the rest of your life BEING, DOING, HAVING, AND GIVING what has meaning to YOU.


STEP - 1

Register for the FREE 4- week Training, "Standing Firm When Your  World Is Shaking".

STEP - 2

Dive into the training. Build a structure of support by attending the weekly Q&A Sessions.

STEP - 3

Turn your "Dark Night" into "TRUE" Power (Think, Release, Use and Expect)

Tammy L. says.... I felt guilty for moving forward, because everyone around me is going through the same crisis. I can't ignore them. Sylvia showed me how to find the gifts in this crisis and instead of getting into the pits with them, I'm able to help pull them out.

We're Different

When faced with difficult times, chaos, crisis, "Dark Nights", you need a forward-momentum builder so you don't turn back and climb back into a pit. You need to look it square in the face, and find empowering ways to relate to it. If you look back, you may discover that you've already practiced the principles of Standing Firm and didn't even know it! 

The truth is that each of us has had, are having, or will have a "Dark Night" and each are different. Because we are all different.

Know that it may be a dark chapter in your life, but it’s not your whole book. It’s okay to have a dark night, but don’t let the dark night have you. You can choose to nurse, curse and rehearse the hurt or you can choose to glean the learning out of that experience to move forward.

The opportunity you have right now is to register for my FREE training and get my support so you can get the gifts your "Dark Night" has to offer you. YES, I said gifts! 

Remember, you are more powerful and contain way more potential than any circumstance, situation, or condition that may seem scary right now. This is just what it looks like as you are becoming who you are meant to be.

Let's get you going. Hit the button below and register for "Standing Firm When Your World Is Shaking". It's FREE!

Sue W. says....I've been picking up the pieces of one crisis or another my whole life. I'ts who I am! I took the Standing Firm training for me. I know I'll continue to have crises, but now I know how to get their gifts.