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Helping women move BEYOND codependency by designing a life they LOVE living.


There is life BEYOND codependency.

  • Do you wonder if there is a life for you BEYOND codependency?
  • Or perhaps you wonder if you are codependent?
  • Have you felt guilty or undeserving when you think about doing something for YOURSELF?
  • Do you believe your purpose in life is to rescue or save someone else... most importantly from themselves?
  • Are you living life from autopilot mode. For instance, waiting for the other shoe to drop.
  • And finally, do you spend day after day waiting for things to change but you really know they probably won't?

First and utmost, I want you to know, you're not alone.

In fact, it's estimated that there are 624 million codependent people in the United States. That's 3 people for every alcoholic, addict, shopaholic, over eater, and the list goes on and on. Codependents are spouses, children, family members, friends, coworkers, neighbors. Specifically, regular people!

What if you took all the energy you use trying to keep "them" safe from themselves and you applied that energy to yourself? Applied it to designing your life BEYOND codependency.

Awesome right?

Wouldn't it be awesome to DO the things you LOVE doing. Most importantly, wouldn't it be awesome to figure out who you are BEYOND codependent and BE that person. Living your life by design instead of by default.

So, how do you start living your life by design instead of by default, BEYOND codependency?

First, you start by listening to YOUR inner wisdom, YOUR inner voice. Next, you surround yourself with partners in believing. Believing in you, your dreams, your goals. Then, you look at the stories from your past  that live in your subconscious. These are what keep you stuck. After that, if these stories don't serve you anymore, you rewrite them into more empowering stories. Finally, you design a road map to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

By taking small imperfect steps outside your comfort zone you put your focus on yourself instead of elsewhere without guilt. 

What will you regret not doing at the end of your life? When is it YOUR time?
I say it's NOW!

As a codependent myself, I know the obstacles and pitfalls that come with wearing that hat. I also know the joy that comes when you take off that hat and move BEYOND codependency and live YOUR best self. 

Helping others move BEYOND codependency is my life's purpose. Let me help you. Click the link [LEARN MORE] below to check out my coaching programs.

And, if you haven't watched my free training, BEYOND Codependency: 4 Keys To Living Life On YOUR Own Terms, you can <REGISTER HERE>.

It's YOUR time!

Design Your Life BEYOND Codependency



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