Stuck In The Chaos Of What You Call "NORMAL"

You inherited your codependent skills to keep chaos at bay from your childhood guides. These skills became your "NORMAL". Now you take that "normal" into relationships of your own over and over again.

Like you, we know what the burden of codependency does to families.

We're here to be your guide as you confidently detach from codependency with LOVE and design your "NEW NORMAL".


Your PLAN To Detach From Codependency With LOVE

BEYOND Discovery Session

Lifelong . Opportunity . Vision . Enabled

Leave Your Legacy

If You Don't Do It Who Will?

Detaching from codependency is one of the most important things you'll ever do in your life. Why? Because if you don't detach, chaos will continue to rule your life, it will become your children's "normal" and the cycle will continue.

It's time to stop living life in a chaotic bubble and be open to the Universe and all the good it has in store for you.

I’m committed to showing you the tools and resources I know work, and giving you the support I know you need.

I'm confident that, just as the hundreds of thousands+ people all over the world that have used these tools and resources to go BEYOND codependency and design a "NEW NORMAL", you will find the confidence to do it too.

Your first step is to schedule a time we can talk in what I call a BEYOND Discovery Session by clicking the button below. 

My name is Sylvia Hunt, and I want to be YOUR BEYOND codependency life coach!

What Clients Are Saying

I highly recommend Sylvia as a Life Coach. It was refreshing to know I could 1 - trust her with my anonymity and 2 - she understood what I was going through because she has gone through it herself. Sylvia and her programs took me from not knowing who I was or what I wanted, to seeing my potential and loving my life. I am confident I will not pass codependency down to my children.

Sandy W.

It was the best decision I ever made, to coach with Sylvia. I had a very hard time detaching from my addict with love. It seemed a bit cruel. But detaching from codependency made so much sense. It was freeing. I was doing something for ME for a change.

Tammy L.

What You Can Expect When Working With Me


It's my intention to be your guide as you detach from codependency with LOVE and design your "NEW NORMAL".


As your guide, I'll give you my full attention, watching for stumbling blocks and underused resources. 


It's my expectation that you'll want to apply your "NEW NORMAL" to all 4 quadrants of your life; health, career, relationships and time money freedom; being the worthy example your children deserve.