Share Your "AHA!" Moments

Whether you call it a spiritual awakening or an AHA moment, these moments in time are what move us in the direction of transformation. It's important to share these moments to give others hope for a brighter future. Some people may say they have never had one, until they hear yours and can relate to a particular moment in time.

What Clients Are Saying

Sylvia has been a great mentor and partner in believing of mine for years. She has a powerful way to re-frame situations and language.  One day I was "hit by a tidal wave of emotion" when explaining a circumstance.  Sylvia helped me re-frame by affirming, "I ride the waves of emotion to shore."   Sylvia is a master Life Mastery Consultant, always growing her skills. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking transformation.

Judy - Texas

Before working with Sylvia I had very negative thoughts, thoughts that I did not even know that I had. They were just there, unrecognized. As I began working with Sylvia, I began to see what I was thinking and followed Sylvia's coaching. I truly find my life moving in a direction that I have wanted, that I have always hoped would be.

Thank you Sylvia… so very much!

Cindy - New York

I signed up with Sylvia to get clarity about what I really wanted. I was feeling confused and didn't know what I wanted regarding work and retirement as well as my personal life regarding a partner. Coaching helped me to know what I really wanted and helped me change the way I think. I have a renewed excitement about my life and the possibilities ahead of me. My mind is freer and my heart is more open than before.

Mary Anne - New York