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Do you or someone you know suffer from a lack of self-confidence? Do you make decisions quickly? Do you second…

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Up Until Now

There are 4 areas to the life you are living: relationships, health and wellness, career, and time money freedom.  Most…

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Do YOU… Second guess yourself or rely on others to make decisions for you? Focus more on the needs of…

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Are you a care-giver or a codependent (sometimes called a care-taker)? I’m often asked if there is a difference between…

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Four Steps to Activating Your Abundance

Good news: you get to choose what kind of life you are going to live. Some people live ninety years;…

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The Power Within You

I’ve heard it said that some people live ninety years and others live one year ninety times. If you are…

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After a While by Veronica A. Shoffstall

Somewhere along the line we learned to doubt our perceptions, discount our feelings, and overlook our needs. Telling people what…

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The Teller Of Life

It is universal, everyone dreams, however, will your dream happen?  There are two determining factors. A middle-aged man walked into…

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Honor Your Longings and Discontent

We don’t always know what our life’s purpose or journey is supposed to be. Or we may have some dreams…

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Connie says...."I felt there was something missing in my life but I couldn't put my finger on it. Any time I got interested in doing something my momentum would fizzle and I would go back to the same old same old. I watched Sylvia's vision workshop and enrolled right away. I now know what my passion and purpose is for my life. There's no stopping me now.

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