About Codependency

In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do
is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing,
and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”

~Theodore Roosevelt

Where does it come from?

Have you ever wondered how you came to be codependent?

Research says you became codependent during your formative years, before the age of 7.

It's programmed into your brain; molded by the actions and words of your mother, father, siblings, grandparents, teachers, and anyone else you had consistent contact with.

That programming determined your beliefs; what you think or don't think of yourself and of the world around you. Your beliefs in turn choreographed your behavior and actions. 

Codependency isn’t just related to alcoholism. You can be codependent when subjected to any dysfunctional life situation with addiction, mental illness, trauma ...

Through no fault of your own, you became isolated. You didn't learn how to make friends. In social settings others may have commented that you were shy, quiet, and well behaved.

You see your life as "normal" because you've never seen how other families interact.

Growing Up Codependent

Codependency is a villain that has robbed you of childhood experiences, friends, happy moments, goals and dreams.

You were mature beyond your years because of the adult circumstances you dealt with on a day to day, minute by minute basis. You may painfully remember you ...

  • Were bullied.

  • Had low self-esteem.

  • Carried the blame for other peoples problems.

  • Had an excessive need to please others.

  • Had difficulty making decisions.

  • Spent so much time taking care of other people, you had no time left to LIVE life.

The Cycle Continues

As an adult you attract people and situations just like we grew up with. It's your "normal".

You've honed your codependent beliefs and behaviors ...

  • Unable to express your feelings.

  • Becoming a do-it-yourself-er, unable to ask for help in any situation.

  • Never feeling like you measure up, no matter how hard you try.

  • Becoming a perfectionist.

  • Afraid you aren't being a good roll model for your children.

The Good News Is ...

You CAN change the outcome of your life and the lives of your children. STARTING TODAY! You can create a new normal. STARTING TODAY! 

It all starts with an IDEA and a DECISION.

The Universe has given you a gift. A gift of life. And you have in you everything you need to succeed in whatever you decide to do with that life. But the thing is, you have to ...

  • Know how to tap into that gift to be able to use it.

  • Have the right tools to make it happen.

  • Change your mindset from life is happening "to" you to life is happening "through" you.

  • Have the support and resources so you don't fall back into old patterns of being.

Because I've been where you are, and I know how hard it is to meet the villain of codependency head on, I have made it my mission to help other codependent woman break the cycle of codependency with themselves. To leave a true legacy for their children and their children to come. It all starts with YOU.

I've set aside some time in the next few days to speak to you personally in what I call a BEYOND Today Discovery Session. We'll take a look at your old normal and then do something that you may not have done in a while, we'll do a little dreaming. What would you "new normal" look like? Then we'll test it to see if it is worthy of you, you time, talents and resources. 

I invite you to click the button below to get on my calendar. I hope to talk to you soon.

What Judy Says

Judy K.

I was juggling two jobs, taking care of two small children and keeping my qualifier safe from himself. He couldn't keep a job because of his addiction. I was frazzled to say the least. I started working with Sylvia at the recommendation of a close friend. Working with Sylvia, I realized I was putting on everyone else's oxygen mask before I put on my own. My codependency was developed as a child and I wanted to break the cycle and not pass it down to my children and their future families.

It was important to me that my children learned to find happiness from within themselves instead of settling for what you get. The best way to do that was to show them how to do it.

My Life Now - I am a work in progress. I continue to work with Sylvia. I can't say enough good things about her coaching style and the programs she offers. I'm applying the Laws of the Universe to my life and the lives of my children. My qualifier is in and out of sobriety. He may catch up to where we are in life, but we're OK if he doesn’t. Only he can make that choice for himself. LIFE is a choice.  

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