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Here's What To Expect In Your Discovery Session

I believe life is like a jigsaw puzzle! Where every single piece of our lives has brought us to this NOW moment.  When we realize, accept celebrate and integrate these pieces we find real joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment. Completing the picture of who we are meant to be.

On this 40-minute ZOOM meeting ... 

we'll get a clear picture of what your life could look like, discover what exactly is standing in the way, and pinpoint the clear next steps that will move you in the direction of creating a life you LOVE living, with TRUE purpose.

My promise to you is that I will give you and your dreams my full attention. That after our session you will feel inspired, motivated, and energized.  You will have more clarity and be able to move in the direction that you really want to move in your life.


A Little About Sylvia

Like you perhaps, I found myself living my life the same way year after year.  Mostly because it was familiar and I was codependent.  But there came a time when I knew this old life just wasn't going to cut it anymore.

I think my transformation began when my church gave everyone an evaluation check-sheet that was meant to discover what your soul's purpose was. Soul's purpose - my gifts? Wasn't it to enrich, save and rescue others? Wasn't it to keep them safe from themselves? After doing all that, I had no more energy for anything else.

But through the process of that little check-sheet I learned to ask myself "WHAT WOULD I LOVE". It was an interesting concept. One that was very unfamiliar to me. But I was willing to give it my best shot.

Since then, it has been an awesome journey. I found the Life Mastery Institute and studied to become a Certified Life Mastery Consultant. I am privileged to go on life-changing journeys with my clients as they create a life they LOVE living.  It takes motivation, hard work, the proper tools, resources, and support but it is well worth it.

Who will YOU be when YOU get there?