Life Mastery

"Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

~ Lolly Daskai ~


"Good intentions never change anything. They only become a deeper and deeper rut."

~ Joyce Meyer


"If you think you're to small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito in the room."

~ Dalai Lama


"Twenty years from now you'll be more disappointed by the things you didn't do then by the ones you did do."

~ Mark Twain


"If you never try, you'll never know. You are what you manifest."

~ Germany Kent


"Love is friendship that has caught fire."

~ Ann Landers


"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always had. No one rises to low expectations."

~ Anonymous


This month we will focus on the importance of describing the life we would love to live. If we don’t consciously choose what we want to create, we will live a life by default. We get to use our creative nature to create this blueprint. The images we hold will become the life we live. Everything has to be a thought before it can become a thing. Whatever we put our attention on becomes our reality. We don’t get to choose every single thing that happens, but we do get to choose what we do with every single thing that happens.

We'll focus on understanding and then employing that understanding to a higher frequency in the area of Intention. Wherever we are in our own evolution, we are all working through Intention. We get to describe to the Universe how we want our lives to be. The Universe knows our Intention by what we are interested in and where we put our attention.

We'll focus on what we put our attention on. We'll learn how to work with our Intention for the good in our lives.

You'll learn three valuable steps you can take to have a breakthrough with your Intention and how falling in love with an Intention really energizes it and gives it life.

We'll discover there is nothing in our lives that doesn’t contain a blessing and how important forgiveness is in creating healthy relationships.


We’ll focus on our Health and Well-Being. Your goal is to feel good inside of your own skin and be completely happy with yourself. When you live a life that is not in harmony with yourself, we feel dis-ease. When there is dis-ease in the emotional mental system, it patterns in the physical system. Our physical system shows what is going on in our internal system. We can be as financially abundant as we want, but if we don’t have peace of mind a healthy body, we have not achieved true Full-Spectrum Wealth.

We’ll focus on understanding what it means to be more in alliance with the “self” were our true sense of Well-Being originates and how we can live more in harmony with that. We will learn the importance of living in harmony with who we really are.

We’ll focus on making one healthy choice per day. We’ll stretch ourselves and really listen to what our body is telling us. You’ll discover how doing something for someone else can actually make you feel better!

We’ll take a deep dive into the mind/body connection and how we can heal our body with the power of our minds.


Focus on allowing more abundance into your life. You can actually choose to have more abundance in your life.

The Laws of the Universe will assist you in experiencing a life you truly love living.

Learn that there is no “luck” in the world and that everything works according to law.

Abundance is not just about money, but it definitely does include money.

You can actually build a consciousness that attracts and accepts and receives and can stabilize abundance.

Explore our current willingness for abundance and how to be even more willing in order to activate abundance.


We’ll learn we have been given the capacity to bring forth whatever we would choose to do.

We’ll develop our capacity to manifest what we choose. We don’t get a choice about whether we are manifesters – we are all manifesters. But we do get to choose what we manifest.

We’ll discover the importance of original thinking, and how we tend to think from learned thought patterns. Energy flows where energy goes – our thought patterns are extremely important in manifesting what we would love.

We’ll learn to be more conscious manifesters. We’ll study the four basic stages of awareness, and learn that getting is part of a cycle that is initiated by giving. We’ll learn the four things that we can put in place to help us become better manifesters.

Mastery In LOVE

Learn that everything that happens in our life gives us the opportunity for awakening, for the realization of who we are and the demonstration of our greater capacities. Our lives as they are right now are the perfect next step for us. We will learn to love from the aliveness that we are. We all want to live in love.

We’ll explore our current relationships. Learn to live in relationships from a loving, expansive energy, regardless of where we are starting from. Look at our relationships with a fresh perspective and an openness of mind and heart.

We’ll learn to be open to the possibility of what can happen in our lives with the focus and willingness to the take the content of our current lives and look at it from a new perspective. We’ll examine the ways we give, receive and feel love.

We’ll also learn to generate compassion for others, even without knowing the whole story. We will explore the most important ways that people feel loved and bring more of it into our relationships with others.


Focus on an area of our life that we are willing to have transformed. Learn that we are powerful that any of our paradigms, conditions or circumstances. We will notice our own resistances to Transformation and learn how to move through that resistance and get in alignment with what we would love.

We will learn to implement and work with the Law of Attraction. We will discover that one of the first stages of real Transformation has to do with making peace and learning to love even something that was difficult because it helped us get to where we are today.

We will learn to fully embrace and love ourselves. The energy we put into nurturing our vision is what takes the idea and brings it into form through time.

We will explore the three components of Transformation and learn to work in harmony and conjunction with that mind in each of us that is part of the infinite. You will discover the five steps that develop consciousness in order to transform your circumstances.

What You Can Expect When Working With Me



It is my INTENTION to coach you in unique and powerful programs that have changed millions of people’s lives all over the world.


I will give you and your dreams my full ATTENTION. I will listen attentively for paradigms, and help you to gain resolutions. We will celebrate together as your new life unfolds.


It is my EXPECTATION that you will want to use these programs in every area of your life. By doing so you will truly live a life you LOVE living.

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