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After a While by Veronica A. Shoffstall

After a while you learn the subtle difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul And you learn that…

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From: The Common Threads of Codependency – Where did it come from?

Somewhere along the line we learned to doubt our perceptions, discount our feelings, and overlook our needs. Telling people what…

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Key To YOUR Inventory

Before I began my path BEYOND codependency, I admit, I was in denial, completely clueless as to what it meant…

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“AHA!” Sylvia – LA

My AHA! moment came one day when “THEY” needed a ride to pick up their car which was parked at…

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Till Death Do Us Part

As part of a BEYOND Discovery Session with prospective codependent clients, I always ask them to tell me what’s going…

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Surviving – Hitting Your Emotional Limit

Is YOUR energy gone? Or is your health deteriorating? Have you hit YOUR emotional limit? Are you angry, sad, guilt…

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Are You A Caregiver or Codependent

Are you a care-giver or a codependent (sometimes called a caretaker)? I’m often asked if there is a difference between…

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The Teller Of Life

It is universal that everyone dreams, however, Will Your Dream Happen?  There are two determining factors. A middle-aged man walked…

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Honor Your Longings and Discontent

We don’t always know what our life’s purpose or journey is supposed to be. Or we may have some dreams…

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