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My Success

How I Define Success

I define my success by my client's results.  While my client's design, define, test, and experience a crystal clear vision of a life they love, a life that is in harmony with their Soul's purpose, I feel their excitement.  They allow me to go on a visual road-trip, with them, while they create their life on THEIR terms.

Perhaps, your life is sketchy now.  But, you can and should create the life YOU want on YOUR terms. All it takes is motivation, hard work, the proper tools, resources, and support.  I can give you that road-map and support.

I have been where you are.  I've put my goals and dreams on hold to support someone else, with little to no positive acknowledgement.  I've done the footwork, developed the road-map, and I'm ready to share what you need to know to go BEYOND codependency. To be the person you DESERVE to be. To do the things you DESERVE to do. To live the life you DESERVE to live.

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Your Journey To Success

Ways To Success

Success in life is measured in many ways. We are taught, at a young age, what society says we must be or do to be successful. What IF we were allowed to continue to daydream past kindergarten, and what IF we were praised for silly thinking? IF it happened, there would probably be multiple new inventions, taller buildings, and who knows what else.

We often lead unhealthy lives because they are familiar to us. They remind us of our childhood. We know no different.We live in autopilot mode because it's just easier. Our road-maps to life were created by the generations before us.

I believe that the road-maps from the generations before are actually trails. It is up to us to take those trails and create our own road-maps. In other words, we cannot change our past. It is what has made us who we are today. But we can take everything that we have gone through and create a new road-map of where we want to go to.

View of Success

Amazing Success

First of all, I see success in my clients as they unlock their true potential.  Next, I see it when they achieve outrageous goals.  And finally, I see it when they are living a life they LOVE living.

There are four areas of LIFE to work on; relationships, health and wellness, career, and time money freedom. Many people have success (as they define it) in one or two of the areas. What if you could see success (as you define it) in every area of your life.  Amazing!

"Up until now" and "This or Something Better ~ Mary Morrissey

Finally, when LIFE tries to get in the way, I stop and say "Up Until Now".   By facing our paradigms head-on, our course in life can be changed while gaining clarity and confidence.  Always ask the Universe for "This or Something Better".

This is up to you.  You are the only one that can work on your life.  You are the only one that can change your life.  When is it going to be your time?  You will live a life anyway.  Let's make it by design instead of by default.  Sign up for a FREE Discovery Session below.  Talk to you soon!

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