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Are you ready to find your purpose BEYOND enriching, saving and rescuing another person?

Join Me For This Brand New LIVE Training

~ BEYOND Codependency ~

4 Keys To Living Life on YOUR Own Terms

In This Powerful Training You'll Discover...

How To

Live life on YOUR terms, whether "they" are in recovery or not.

How To

Be the person YOU want to be. Do the things YOU want to do.

How To

Get out of AUTOPILOT mode. Live life by DESIGN instead of by default. 


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The Presenter: Sylvia Hunt

I am codependent! I have been all my life. I thought this is how all families functioned, it was normal.

About 10 years ago, I began to really look at what it meant to be codependent. By taking that look, I was able to see…

  • Why I chose the relationships I did...
  • Why I stayed in those multiple relationships for as long as I did…
  • And the impact it was having on my children.

We can’t change our past...

But the good news is, our past does not need to define us. I’ve learned we can choose to “interpret” our past in ways that either empower or dis-empower us.We can move BEYOND codependency.

We do it by listening to our inner wisdom. I have the privilege of guiding my clients on this inner wisdom journey.  I hope you will join us.